Like a bull in a ….

Oops , sorry. Clumsy fingers . Premature posting . So where was I .
Social media .because what I know can be written on the back of a postage stamp with a blunt crayon. I figured hey why not give them all a go.
So I did. Am.
Facebook . Mm mm, I know truckloads use it. Got that. But I ain’t one of them. Don’t know what it is, but I can’t work it. Agreed it doesn’t help
That I’m pretty incompetent with most of this . Which is why I was surprised
With how much I like G+. Really like.
Been posting some of my non book art and a couple of photoes. And posted a stupid quote.
Get immediate feedback. Loads of relevant communities . Not much
Nastiness . Loads of talent out there , sharing stuff . Neat.
Twitter . Love it . Tweets. Tweets with photoes. Retweets(?) favorites(?)
Excellent , good fun. Still ballsing things up , but hey can’t get sued for that.
Or can you?
Now better start writing .
Tomorrow . Goodnight.


Like a bull in a…

Anyway it’s late , so I’ll try not to waffle on and on
So I’m making a foray Into social media and all that . I’ve decided to
No longer spruke the book . Mainly because it was starting to seriously
depress me . Seriously . I started using KBoards tapatalk which is okay
But I’m always out of the loop . Time diff doesn’t help of course but then found an Aussie connection, better . Not so much of the ” just sold my 100.000 th book and hit a quadrillion free downloads blah , blah.
Hey I’m happy for them all . Don’t get me wrong . Good on em , wish it was me .
There are some good forums and it’s all very positive


Poison arrow frog

Poison arrow frog


Just posting a couple of acrylic paintings I did awhile ago. Frogs , the green one is a poison arrow frog, not sure about the other one. I’ll do some digital stuff to them and repost further down the line.

Publishing naivety

After some 1500-2000 hours, spread over a two year period. I finally managed to get my project turned

into something resembling a book and published on amazon. Thank you scribendi, thank you Jo.

All those who have just published an ebook and are ready to retire to a lavish lifestyle ,

take one  step forward…… Not so fast laurie.

they don’t fly off the bookshelves by themselves you know.

Oh right, hadn’t thought of that.