Oops , sorry. Clumsy fingers . Premature posting . So where was I .
Social media .because what I know can be written on the back of a postage stamp with a blunt crayon. I figured hey why not give them all a go.
So I did. Am.
Facebook . Mm mm, I know truckloads use it. Got that. But I ain’t one of them. Don’t know what it is, but I can’t work it. Agreed it doesn’t help
That I’m pretty incompetent with most of this . Which is why I was surprised
With how much I like G+. Really like.
Been posting some of my non book art and a couple of photoes. And posted a stupid quote.
Get immediate feedback. Loads of relevant communities . Not much
Nastiness . Loads of talent out there , sharing stuff . Neat.
Twitter . Love it . Tweets. Tweets with photoes. Retweets(?) favorites(?)
Excellent , good fun. Still ballsing things up , but hey can’t get sued for that.
Or can you?
Now better start writing .
Tomorrow . Goodnight.